Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dr. Frankenstein

I have been working on a little stuffy. I love to knit toys. It is so much fun to watch them come alive.
Now that I have said that, let me say that when it comes to finishing a toy, well I am little less enthused.

The little guy I am finishing up now has a lot of finishing work. A. LOT. The knitting went relatively quickly. But this finishing? This finishing is taking nearly the same amount of time to do!

I finished knitting his little bits on Sunday. I was ready to begin the finishing work on Monday, but had to make a trip to get some felt because, as is my life, I could not find any white or black felt in my house. So I made a trip to Joann’s on Tuesday, got white felt, picked up some dark green because I had an idea, and they were out of black. Wait, what? Out of black? At Joann’s? The day before Halloween? Seriously? Yes, seriously. Our Joann’s is a sad sad excuse for a craft store. I will leave that there.

I had to figure something out. I needed something black for his pupil. I briefly considered sticky back felt, but then I thought about dragging a sewing needle through that and that idea was quickly beheaded. I thought about just doing google eyes, but this is going to a wee one and that is not a good idea. Then I saw the answer. I could sew down, with a force as great as Sandy, some black pom poms and it would be fantastic and still safe-ish.

I also decided that I needed thread, some needles, a fancy pants needle threader and for some reason Mentos. Nearly $22 later I was set. Wait, $22 for felt?

I settled in and started cutting out tedious pieces of felt. It sucked my will to live. After an hour of that, I pushed it aside and set about sewing on his limbs. I sewed two tiny feet, two arms and a tail and it took me nearly two hours.

Last night I continued with the rest. After another two and a half hours I am still not done. But my eye idea worked out great. There is no way the wee one is getting those poms off. I will say that this guy is looking adorable and is so close to being finished.

I must admit that as I was working on sewing this guy up I was hit with the feeling that I was akin to Dr. Frankenstein. Here I am with all these pieces, sewing them together to create a creature. How fitting for Halloween right?

I can’t wait to introduce this little guy. Just another couple of hours of finishing and a photo shoot and he will be ready! 

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