Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Four: Volume 1 Issue 1

A feature I do over on The Day Before Tomorrow and The Fat Journals, I thought I would start one here as well.

Four Christmas Projects I Have in Mind

 Three Brr Bears - I love Susan B. Anderson's patterns and my aunt loves bears, so it is like Kismet.  I plan on doing the medium sized bear using Knit Picks Comfy in white.  I was so excited to find the 4th ball I needed in my stash last week.

Fireball - I have had this in my queue for some time, just trying to figure out how to make it for myself who to make it for and I think that little Dane would love to snuggle this.  Or at least I hope he would love to snuggle it.

Gosling - I never know what to get for the girl who has it all, but I think these are beautiful and since it is chilly in the office, I think they would definitely get used.  I am thinking of diving into my KP stash in some luscious Comfy.  So soft, so warm.

Shhh...It's a Secret - Sorry I can't provide a link.  This is a top secret super special big sister gift.  And she is a blog savy girl and I don't want to surprise ruined.  I hope I get it done in time!  I will be sure to  link it up and post photos after Christmas (or her birthday just in case I don't finish for Christmas).

What's on your holiday knitting/crocheting/crafting list?  Do you fill it with complicated, long projects or keep them short?  Do you stress about getting things done in time?  Do you delete things once Thanksgiving rolls around?  Leave me a comment and let me know what you're up to this Holiday Crafting Season.

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  1. Those bears are amazing! I am making at least one for sure. As for holiday knitting. I keep it light, as knitting to a deadline stresses me. If I finish, great, if not, I just buy stuff and finish when I can then save for next year =)