Sunday, November 4, 2012

FP: Heather's Hudson Hat

Project: Heather's Hudson Hat
Pattern: Hudson Hat
Yarn: Knit Picks Comfy Worsted – Seraphim
Needles: US 9
Size: Adult
Made For: Me

I actually made something for myself. That never happens!

Once the weather started to turn and I was leaving the pool with wet hair, I thought it was time to knit myself a hat to wear home. I had the yarn already (purchased for a blanket that didn’t happen) & decided that it would be perfect. It would be warm and it would wash easily. So I set out in search of a cute pattern.

I ended up looking at a lot of hats and settled on Heidi May’s Hudson Hat. I set about casting on and started thinking that 76 stitches was not going to be enough for an adult head when the pattern called for 72 for a child’s head. I don’t think a four stitch difference is adequate between a child and adult. I cast on 80 stitches and started knitting. At around the half-way point I decided to look at some other adult hat patterns to see if I was wasting my time. I didn’t want to knit a hat that wasn’t going to fit. I found that they called for between 80 & 84 stitches. Since I don’t like to frog and start over, I decided to just keep going. If nothing else I could donate it to some hip teenager. Are teenagers still hip?

The hat came out beautifully. As I mentioned, it took me some time to find the buttons. Actually I believe it took me little time to find the buttons and a vast amount of time to just sew them on. In any event, the hat is done and is beautiful.

The pattern has since been updated to account for the size difference. I like the pattern and I can see myself making it again. I think it would be adorable for a mom and daughter to have a matching set.

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