Saturday, November 3, 2012

On Finishing

Why is it that sometimes it takes us longer to do the finishing work on a project? Like blocking a shawl, sewing on buttons, assembling a toy? And sometimes it doesn't.

I finished a hat several weeks ago. It took a couple of evenings to get it done, it was a fast project. And at the time it was needed because the weather had cooled and coming out of the gym with wet hair was going to be bothersome. I deemed it finished. Then I was filing away the pattern and noticed that I had forgotten the buttons. I debated internally with myself about whether buttons were needed as it was more of a utility piece than a fashion piece. And then I found a scarf pattern and since I still had enough of this particular yarn to knit the small scarf and it REQUIRED a button, well I just had to do the buttons on the hat. A trip to the button jar yielded not enough matching buttons to do the pieces justice. So I was off to the craft store to seek out the perfect set of buttons. I left the store with two sets (and several more items I did not need), the final choice to be determined once I saw them “on” the fabric.

I made the choice right away and put the buttons IN the hat and set it on my desk. I finally sewed them on last night. A project that took two evenings to knit, finally finished four weeks later. Is it common or is it just the procrastinator in me?

On the flip side, I finished up knitting a cute little stuffy a few nights ago, had to make yet another trip to the craft store to get some felt, but started the finishing work right away. It took almost as long to do the finishing as the knitting of the pieces took. I was excited to see it come together. I could have easily put it off once I was half way through the finishing work with how long it was taking and how little the pieces were. But I forged ahead.

So why didn’t I do that with the hat? It might be one of those great mysteries. Perhaps we don’t do the finishing work because it took us so long to knit the project (shawls, blankets, sweaters). Perhaps it is because the full project is not complete (my scarf mentioned above is half knit). Perhaps it is because the finishing is tedious (buttons, weaving of ends, assembling of toys). Perhaps we are procrastinators. Or maybe we just don’t want to be finished. I highly doubt it is the latter. Whatever it is, the satisfaction that comes from completing a project far outweighs any reason for NOT finishing it.

Do you take your time finishing or do you want that instant gratification? Hit the comments section and let me know.

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  1. I have so many items that are unfinished soley because I'm too lazy to sew on buttons. I like to think that one day I'll be in a finishing sort of mood, but I doubt it will ever happen. I'm more likely to just add it to the pile and cast on something new. :/