Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Quickie

As I was sitting in front of my television last night, I had the iPad propped up on my lap and was perusing patterns. Now I don’t need any new patterns. I have more patterns than I will probably ever knit. I have a heavy investment in my library (I am sure some of my pattern stock’s net worth could have helped the dow). But I am always looking.

As I sat there, I thought to myself, “I should be knitting, not looking at patterns”. I felt sort of guilty that I have half a bear body in my project bag and was looking at NEW patterns. A total, WTF? moment. Feeling that guilty was going to weigh on me all night and I was going to go to bed with the knowledge that I did nothing. I am already behind and taking two hours to surf Ravelry was one of the dumbest things I could do.

Well I couldn’t go to bed with that hanging over my head, so I grabbed a pattern (thank god for iBooks holding PDFs (especially when I am out of black ink and am too lazy to replace it)), some cotton, an H hook and set to work on a special request Christmas present for Miss Bella. Now Miss Bella is a fickle sort of girl. She is apprehensive when it comes to strangers. She just flat out doesn’t trust them. And by them, I mean us. She barks and barks at us on Christmas morning. Oh, did I forget to mention that Miss Bella is of the canine persuasion? Well she is. A few years ago, when I learned how to crochet and realized how fast you could churn out little stuffies, I decided to make all the children in our lives toys to play with. I made Miss Bella an angel fish. She apparently fell in love with it once we left. She disemboweled it (like most critters do), but they kept the carcass and she just loved it to its demise.

It has been mentioned many times how much she loved her fish. So I got to work on another one for her. I feel so honored that she loved it so much (because let me tell you that my boys have barely touched what I made them!). It is over half way finished! See what I mean about crochet going so fast? An episode of General Hospital and the body is complete. I have to do the fins and assemble and a Christmas present is done!

Do you have a go to fast project? Do you make presents for the critters in your life? What do they like? Hit the comments and let me know.

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  1. Good on you for stepping away from the internet for a minute. Many a time have I sat and searched for a new pattern only to realize later that all my free time had been sucked away by Ravelry and it was time to be getting to bed.