Sunday, September 23, 2012

The One with Finished Projects

I figure since I still have this blog, I may as well use it right!?!?  Right!

I haven't done a lot of crafting this summer.  Really not a whole lot in 2012, but I feel like I am back on track and thought I would share a few things I finished up over the summer (now that we are officially into Autumn/Fall).

First up, a few baby shower items for my friend all the way in Pennsylvania!

A little owl lovey that I think is so adorable.  I love the Cotton Ease colors for baby items.  I adore the little "ears".  I hope little Ryker loves on him!

My most favorite cloth to knit.  The multi-directional cloth using the Maize & Stone Cotton Ease colorways. I wanted to do another with the colors flipped, but I ran out of Stone and could not find any on my little day adventure.  The garter combined with the Cotton Ease makes it so squishy soft.

A hippo bib, because what little boy doesn't need a hand knit hippo bib?  Seriously the most adorable hippo.  I kind of wanted to make a ton of hippo squares and make a blanket out of it.  For me!

And a giraffe to boot.  I love the seed stitch border, even if I had knitting it.  It makes it pop!  

I worked up this granny corner cloth for a September KAL.  I like that the colors came together okay.  Originally I thought the variegated had that shade of blue in it, but it didn't.  Still I love the look.  I thought, while working on it that since it goes so fast and is super portable, you could easily make up a bunch and then piece them together.  Of course I still have hexie's waiting to be pieced and finished!

I did it!  I finally finished a blanket.  This is probably best described as stroller sized (it is folded in the photo).  I was aiming for receiving, but may have missed the mark.  I was pretty much done increasing though and to save my sanity said it was wide enough.  I used the old grandma's favorite pattern for this.
The cotton is so squishy with the garter stitch.  I wish I could make a huge bed out of cotton and garter stitch.  Of course I would never get out of it!

Another Milo.  This is a six month size and is for Ryker.  He was born on September 10th.  I just mailed it off this past week.  It took me a while to find a long-sleeved onesie to go with it.  It is machine washable, which I know his momma will appreciate.

Now it is time to get in the spirit and get some Christmas knitting done!  I can't believe that there is only one week left in September.  That is crazy.  I have a couple of projects planned, patterns picked and yarn on hand.  Now to just get that motivation needed to get it done!

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